5 Unique Factors about YourBizDr.com That Improves Businesses


1.   Education. An effective consultant should be highly educated in the industry they consult in. YourBizDr.com is not a group of consultants that rely solely on experience without the education or knowing its value. YourBizDr.com (YBD) actually has Business Doctors with Doctorate degrees in Business and Organizational Psychology. Around 4% of the global population and 1% of the US population possess doctoral degrees, so it’s quite exclusive to have that level of education. Knowing your consultant is highly educated reassures you of the knowledge going into improving your business. Since a Doctorate degree is research driven, you can be rest assured that all the right variables are being looked at and assessed objectively at YBD to provide you the best course of action to apply to your business decisions and strategies.

2.   Real world experience. YourBizDr.com is staffed with professionals with immense business operations experience. Our parent company Individual Advantages (IA) has been helping business owners and managers globally since 1996. Our expansive database of tools can amplify your business goals beyond expectation. Dr. Brian Smith, the Senior Managing Partner of IA and YourBizDr.com has worked with hundreds of small, midsized and large business over the years, turning around companies, rescuing business operations and making unprofitable companies profitable again. Moreover some of the turn arounds have been minor tweaks in business operations of the companies IA has consulted with, and they have proven successful. Learn more about our Business Team at YBD.com here http://yourbizdr.com/about-us/


3.   Data driven, but read between the numbers. Data is a major way to determine how businesses are operating and how they should operate. We are data driven and believe in the numbers telling a lot about the story, but not all. Human factor, external factors, seasonality etc. play roles in how businesses operate and should be highly considered, to avoid wasting time and resources. A client recently discussed how her business profits have been declining for the past few years. She recently moved her company’s physical location. Her recent move however prevented her from getting the foot traffic she typically received in her old location. While analyzing her yearly numbers could reveal when her profits started to decline, it won’t necessarily say why. Asking the right questions revealed her recent move and how it may have played a factor in declining profits. YourBizDr.com’s consultants are trained and skilled at asking the right questions, analyzing the right data and reading between the numbers to determine ways to improve your operations.

4.   We answer business questions! We answer business questions directly through our site. We offer virtual based consulting. Many business managers and owners hit stumbling blocks in their daily operations. We are aware and therefore have a link called Ask Your Business Questions here http://yourbizdr.com/business-questions/ to help. Please note, some questions might need further discussions based on the nature of your question and business. In this instance, we will provide the most suitable answer to your questions and recommend further consultations with a Business Doctor as needed. Ask us any questions and we will have the right answers for you provided we have the right information.

5. We Provide Business Support, through our Business Health Assurance Program. This program provides the operational support needed to successfully run, manage or grow your business. This program provides support in Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Accounting and Operations and can be helpful to small business owners who want to focus on their passion while enhancing business operations. It’s also very beneficial for new start-ups who have minimal experience or knowledge on how to run business operations. Knowing you have professionals that can ensure your operations are running smoothly and growing can make a  significant difference in achieving your goals. Several businesses fail due to not having the support needed in good time. We reduce the learning curve for businesses as we have the experience and resources to get your operation running in the right direction and connecting to the right people in no time. As you consider growing and running your business, reach out YourBizDr.com. It could be the best business decision you will be making for 2016. We are focused on business results and enjoy seeing our clients succeed and achieve desired goals.

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Written by

Dr. Mayo Adegbuyi is the Managing Consultant at YourBizDr.Com and Individual Advantages.

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