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YourBizDr is your destination to get business services, advice and information. 

YourBizDr is your business partner on your time at an affordable price.  We provide business solutions at a cost that is not prohibitive to business owners and managers.  

Our Business Assurance Program offers you one of four Business Assurance Plans, each designed to help your business succeed by giving you 24 hour access to business experts, services and information required in achieving your business goals.

YourBizDr has helped thousands of businesses across the world and would love to help you too!

What is YourBizDr?

YourBizDr is a cohesive team of seasoned business professionals ready to help. Our philosophy is that great business services should not be cost prohibitive to business owners and managers.

How does YourBizDr.com work?

By subscribing to one of the plans Business Assurance Program you can have reliable and affordable access to our collaborative and cohesive team of over 150 consultants whenever you want. Find Out More

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Why is YourBizDr.com so effective?

People, Process, and Technology are the backbone to YourBizDr.com. We have been perfecting our way of building and consulting businesses over the past 20 years by partnering with our clients to truly understanding the reason why an issue is occurring.

Thinking of starting a business?

We can help by writing a business plan, creating a value proposition, identifying differentiators, or providing custom business documentation. YourBizDocs

How can branding your business help it grow? 

By providing customized logos and branding, you can have a great business brand that attracts customers in your target market. YourLogoDr

Want to grow revenue and be more fiscally responsible?

We can work with you to increase top line revenue, cut unnecessary costs, or remove financial inefficiencies. YourMoneyDr

Would more qualified leads help sales?

Everyone wants more website traffic and, with the tools available to our subscribers, you can effectively increase your digital footprint. YourSocialDr

Want to have effective employees?

We can write custom position descriptions, research market-specific compensation expectations and provide employee issue management. YourHRDr

Wondering how to transition your business?

There are many ways to transition a business, structure a sale with financing or insurance and we can help every step of the way. YourCreditDr


YourBizDr is a 24 hour, online business support service, manned by business doctors and experienced management consultants. The YourBizDr network operations center provides daily business solutions and information to hundreds of clients

Whether you are looking to solve business issues, start a business, grow a business, improve business operations, or even sell a business, YourBizDr can partner with you to provide a customized solution. The team at YourBizDr has the experience and information you’re looking for to accomplish your business goals. Our parent company Individual Advantages has been helping business owners and managers around the world since 1996. Bring our expansive database of tools and resources into your company by becoming a YourBizDr.Com client today.


The YourBizDr Business Assurance Mission is to improve business operations by providing proven solutions, powerful advice and customized information whenever our clients need it.


YourBizDr Team

Business Doctor's

Dr. Brian Smith

Dr. Brian Smith Senior Managing Partner

Dr. Brian Smith is the Senior Managing Partner of YourBizDr.com and its parent company, Individual Advantages. He has a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and is Master Black Belt Six Sigma Certified. Dr. Smith has a proven track record consulting with businesses for the past 20 years and is passionate about seeing small, medium and large businesses succeed.

Business Assurance Team

Amy Hathaway

Amy Hathaway Senior HR Consultant

Jerrod Smith

Jerrod Smith Senior Graphic Designer

Matt Wilhelmi

Matt Wilhelmi Associate Consultant

Gary Weldon

Gary Weldon Client Advocate

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