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Managing people can be the most difficult part of growing a company. Keeping up with local, state and federal laws regarding the hiring, management and termination of employees can be daunting.

YourHRDr.Com was created to provide small business owners and managers with a Human Resources team that will effectively and efficiently keep your business up to date with all Human Resource issues; managing employees effectively to be the best employees you can have while giving both of you the proper structure and security today’s employees want and need.

YourHRDr also has Employee Policies, Position Guides and other Human Resource procedures that will protect the business and help your employees to be the best they can be.


From understanding the right kind of person to posting effective help wanted ads, YourHRDr can help you acquire the right employee.  Once you begin to get qualified candidates, an effective Interview Procedure will ensure you identify the right candidate for your company. YourHRDr will assist you in setting up processes to get qualified employees to ensure you have experts required to attain your business goals


Managing employees requires structure.  People work better in a structured environment, reducing turn over and the cost to acquire and keep employees.  From standard Company Policy Documents to Position Guides and Task Lists, YourHRDr has tools and experience to support any business. Our BizDocs library is filled with al forms of business documents and guides that can be used to develop efficient procedures.


Giving people the opportunity to grow and learn is critical to keeping good competent employees.  Using time tested policy and procedures, YourHRDr has the right solution for implementing Employee Review and Training programs that will keep you and your employees up to date with current trends and ensure that management and employees have a way to interact objectively about each employees goals and performance.


Employees make mistakes and offer challenges regarding attendance, tardiness, performance and potentially other issues.  YourHRDr has a structured program for Discipline called Progressive Discipline.  This program has been implemented and used by tens of thousands of companies around the world and its key is objective application of the program at each level.


How you pay employees is very important.  There are laws about minimum wage, overtime and taxes.  Health insurance for employees has become a huge issue with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act and understanding your requirements can be frustrating.  YourHRDr will be there for you to help design, implement and manage effective compensation programs for your team that are legal and compliant.


Training employees to succeed in their roles and documenting the process ensures your business success and compliance. Many employees under perform in their roles, due to lack of proper training, which ends up being costly when factoring resources that have been invested in on boarding employees. YourHrDr ensures you are training and developing your employees for success, documenting the process and being compliant


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