strat·e·gy – The art of planning and reaching goals.  Webster says it’s a Noun, I prefer to think of it as a Verb.  Strategy is fluid and uses your knowledge, employees, customers, vendors, competitors and market conditions to empower you.

When running your company, do not just make a plan, create a strategy to execute that plan and bring everyone into the mix from day one.  A plan is like a map, its pretty static an one dimensional whereby when you use that plan to create your strategy to reach your goals, you empower that plan to succeed.

To get started, look at your first goal and write down each person who you will need to communicate with to reach it.  Next, list each task that each person will need to do to reach the goal.  If there are any measurements that can help guide you; sales, costs, contacts, meetings, conversations, etcetera then include them on the task list as a milestone to provide guidance as you implement your strategy.

When you reach your first goal, look back at the strategy you implemented and make changes if needed, move on the to the next goal and recreate your strategy.

We love to use BizVision as the catalyst to help our clients create sound strategy, it’s the foundation to success that clients have used since 1996, and do you have BizVision?

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Dr. Smith leads the online business consultancy; YourBizDr.Com and all its affiliates. Brian has been consulting with companies big and small in all 50 United States and over 20 countries for over 20 years; helping thousands of people successfully manage their companies.

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